Blue Velvet

At the crossroads of intimate folk and pop adventure, Blue Velvet emerged from the musical coming-together of Mirco and pH – from contrasting worlds of experimentation and melody. Citing influences as varied as My Bloody Valentine, Tom Waits or even Bauhaus, the duo equally evoke a connection with groups such as Dead Man Ray. So it’s no surprise that Rudy Trouvé has found himself at the controls for the sessions for their first demo.

Seeing Blue Velvet at work is a bit like making an expedition out of the ordinary, into a world where music is the driving force, somewhere between chaos and harmony.

After finding your way to the sound of "Are you ready?" and "Santa Claus Is a joke”, you’ll meet a completely fresh set of songs and a new album, Level II.

Level II is a kind of road movie, tracing the stories of two people who, through being able to understand without speaking, end up ceasing to do so ... This spiral of silence forces them into a parallel world, a hole that they have dug for themselves and which they can’t get out of.

Just like a David Lynch film ...