Music In Belgium (11/09/2016)

Music In Belgium 4 stars review on Music In Belgium !
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The Sunday Experience (11/05/2016)

The Sunday Experience When the U.K. is talking about the album of The Kitchen Sink Drama...

[...] Anyway from what we’ve heard thus far it’s all tastily Belly-esque not least ‘Axelle’ – but back to ‘kitchen sink drama’ think Melys doing heart wounded miniature epics in the style of Rialto / the brand violets with St Ettienne prowling around at the mixing desks. [...]
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ZZRock (09/27/2016)

ZZRock Wi-fi Baby is in the playlist of the flemish rock radio ZZRock ! Thanks to them !
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Wi-Fi baby : the video (09/25/2016)

Wi-Fi baby : the video Here is the new single from The Kitchen Sink Drama. Watch, listen, like and share ! Wi-fi Baby is the second song from the forthcoming album Every Good Boy Desserves Failure in stores on the 12 october.

Wifi Baby (09/08/2016)

Wifi Baby Wifi Baby, the second single from their forthcoming album, will be available on september 25th on most digital platforms worldwide. A nice video will come too !

Radio Rectangle (06/01/2016)

Radio Rectangle Idiot in the playlist #171 on Radio Rectangle.
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Hit Radio Namur (06/01/2016)

Hit Radio Namur Idiot in the show Bertrand dans le 16-19 on Hit Radio Namur.
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Idiot will be Nox (05/31/2016)

Idiot will be Nox Idiot the single of The Kitchen Sink Drama will be Nox of the day on Equinoxe FM 100.1 on this friday 3 june at 7h - 9h - 11h - 13h -15h - 17h

Idiot already on iTunes (05/16/2016)

Idiot already on iTunes You could already buy IDIOT on iTunes.

Idiot (05/15/2016)

Idiot The Kitchen Sink Drama signed with Anorak Supersport. A first single called Idiot will be released in a few days. Their first album will be in stores in the fall.

Buy the single on their official Bandcamp by clicking on the link below
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