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After more than two years of constant performing on music stages across our pleasant Kingdom of Belgium, 14weeks self produced an EP with eight songs in 2008. The artistic director in charge of that project was Gaëtan Streel (Piano Club, Me & My Machines, Jeronimo).

In late 2009, things started really picking up: after a summer full of gigs at music festivals such as Francofolies in Spa, Musik Marathon in Eupen and Fiesta City in Verviers, the band began working on new music and released its second EP in February 2010

In 2011, an encounter with Anorak Supersport, an independent label (and proud of it!) sped up the process even more…

Their first video accompanying the song “What Else” was posted as an example on YouTube and generated more than 12,000 views in just a few weeks. A promising start…

Their debut album “Past/Present/Now” has just been released! A mature pop album which contains older tracks previously performed live and five new songs, among which are the potential hits “Start/Stop Telling”, and “The Bus”, for which they invited Jon Gray, the well-known British producer with an impressive CV (Editors, Radio 4, Futureheads, Ian Broudie, Texas, Infadels, Devendra Banhart, The Coral, The Zutons, Roisin Murphy, The Music, New Order, Underworld…).

On this album the catchy synth sounds of Peter Baumgarten surround the instruments of Arnaud Snakkers (guitar), Pierre Mertens (bass) and Didier Gutkin (drums) with the warm and moving voice of Grégory Herzet. This album from 14weeks explodes live on stage thanks to their angular rock, plus sweeping melodic vocals, then all shaken with the electronic waves of the synthesizer.

14weeks, a band to truly be discovered. One of the best kept secrets of Eastern Belgium…


Alan Sparhawk

Solo Guitar is the album length debut from Alan Sparhawk of the minimalist-indie- pop band Low. Listeners expecting the rock & roll element Sparhawk’s recently become known for with the Black-Eyed Snakes will be surprise to hear guitar exploration in the vein of “Do You Know How to Waltz ?" or “Will the Night".
Guitar sounds are in the vein of underground stars like Aarktica & Reynols as well as guitar heroes like Eddie VanHalen. The entire album was recorded live using guitar loops & reverb allowing a greater immediacy & improvisation to the guitar work than a more orchestrated approach would allow. Without the constraints of working with any sounds not at the control of his hands or feet, Sparhawk is able to push his guitar to fill the entire audio spectrum. The songs begin with single notes that often build up to be larger
than an orchestra playing Ligeti. The disc shows both sides of guitar drone, the aggression of playing a guitar by beating it with a fist & the inheritpeacefulness in a heavily reverbed slow crescendo.


Coco Business Plan




Coming Soon

Coming soon was born from the meeting of five atypical musicians having found their way on the road of a traditional folk mixing multiple savours of the contemporary rock'n'roll. Their sincere music, rough and inspired by compilations of Harry Smith and Velvet Underground, has
already allowed them to cross the borders of the hexagon to play in New York, Washington d.c. and Berlin. Since their collaboration with Kimya Dawson and the birth of the album Antsy Pants, Coming Soon plants today a first flag with its EP THE ESCORT, in the same mood of the international independent scene (Architecture In Helsinki, Herman Düne, Jeffrey Lewis, Adam Green, The Mondrians).


Erinn Williams

With a background in opera singing, and a "fiery spirit" which cascades out of her music, this "Independent Spirit" as an article in Backstage West (May 2002) called her, has pursued her career with determination and skill. Erinn has performed with her band at such coveted venues as The Whiskey, The Knitting Factory Main Stage, The Roxy, and The Mint, for the past 5 years. Erinn studied songwiting with Phil Swann (Staff Writer for Dreamworks), with Harriet Schock ("Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady"), and with Jai Josephs. She has worked with producers Paul Ebersold (Spacehog, and Three Doors Down), and Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, and Alien Ant Farm).

Aside from promoting herself as a singer/songwriter, Erinn wrote and performed the music for two Virgin Mobile "Paygoism" national commercials (2005). The F.X. Network also licensed her song "I am King" to appear on an episode of The Shield, (aired May, 02). She has written both opera and rock music for Independent films such as Mad Song. She has sung opera and her original music around the word in Industrial Showcases for the Wella Corporation, Sebastian, Matrix, and TIGI Corporations. Erinn also sang opera in a national Coca-Cola commercial (Directed by Samuel Bayer), and placed second in the "Chick Singer Night" National Songwriting Competition, with her song, "Revolution."

Erinn's "alternative rock sound could be likened to a cross between Tori Amos and PJ Harvey" as stated in Backstage West. She has also been referred to as a distant cousin of Kate Bush." Look out for her live shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (and cities all over the great NW) and listen to her music here or at

Her new CD Digging in the Dirt will be released in October 2007 by Kitchen Music FRANCE for the territories of FRANCE, MONACO, SWITZERLAND, ANDORA, AND BELGIUM. This CD is available now at her live shows, here on the website, on I Tunes,, and Her CD, Damsel with a 6 Gun is also available on the website and also at her live shows. Check back often for information on her 2007 Great NW Tours.....


Faris Nourallah

Gone is the fifth album of Faris Nourallah.
With Gone, Faris Nourallah offers to us 13 delicious pop song which freshness and inventiveness are amazing. Faris Nourallah, records his gold nuggets in his house of Richemond Avenue in Dallas [ Texas ]. He writes these songs with an extreme smoothness. Nothing is left randomly. Such a goldsmith, Faris Nourallah engrave his compositions. Gone proposes songs with a fragile assembly and a disordered appearance. His pure and sweetened melodies are produced with an
imagination and a talent inversely proportional to the means he uses in his studio. Often compared with Ray Davies or Lennon/Mc Cartney, Faris Nourallah confirms with Gone and impose himself more than ever as an important song-writer.


Karl Off

It’s at the beginning of the 90s that Olivier Désir began to play on his first machines to produce several demos allying melodies and electronic experiments.

1997, he met Cédric DeBruyn and turned to dancefloors. They created a project of minimal experimental techno and offered themselves their first live experiences in local free parties. Influenced by the softer side of House and by Jazz, they created « Pink Satellite » in order to a deeper introspective exploration of sounds…

Electrolidays in Levitation, their debut album on a Belgian independent label called Anorak Supersport, was announced by Blue Toast (a 500 limited copies single played by the likes of Phil Asher, Rainer Trüby, Jef K, Morpheus and Freestyle Man). Pink Satellite has quickly became one of the top performers of the belgian house scene and has deeply impressed people like Llorca, Buscemi or Tom Middelton and performed "warm-up" for people like Royksopp or Air. Two years later, the duet left finally its second album called E-Closer, where the organic music mixed more with electronics. "St-Germain des Prés" will be extracted from it to open the second volume of the famous compilation of the same name

Cédric established himself in the belgian scene as DJ while Olivier was creating another jazzy downtempo project called "Karl OFF".

It's always with the same idea to merge instruments and new technologies that Olivier turned himself to experimented jazz musicians (Charles Loos, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Felix Simtaine, Jan Kuijken, George Van Dam, Dirk Descheemaeker …) to realize the studio version of his new project. The doublebass, the drums and the piano are accompanied with a string quartet, a clarinet, an acoustic guitar and with a vibraphone to succeed in a cinematic and hypnotic jazz.

Olivier Désir aka Karl OFF releases now this first solo album « Acoustic Camera » , where we can also discover other astonishing collaborations, in particular a featuring by Samy Birnbach aka Dj Morpheus (Minimal Compact singer).


Kill City

When Kill City, electro-rock noise mongers, burst onto the music scene in 2002 on Alan McGee’s Poptones label, few would have thought it would take a full two years before they made their major breakthrough. And with the July 2004 release of their third 45 ‘ Bruce Lee’ that was precisely what Kill City were poised to do. Toning down their natural electronic punk leanings to three minutes of pitch-perfect pop, ‘Bruce Lee’ is set to Kung-fu kick it’s way into the collective consciousness. Enter the dragons indeed....

Formed around the nucleus of Lisa Moorish (vocals) and Pete Jones (guitar), the original five-piece Kill City were releasing debut ep ‘New York’ and touring with The Libertines within a mere three months of forming. Live favourite ‘Strychnine’ was released in the summer to critical acclaim but it wouldn’t be until some six months later, at the start of 2004 that the definitive, essential Kill City would be re-born at their spiritual home The Notting Hill Arts Club. For the first time London’s hop young cognoscenti would witness Kill City as they were truly intended: rocking like bastards to an electronic back-beat. Already a favourite of 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and numerous XFM jocks, Kill City took their televisual bow in May with a blistering performance of the Andrew Innes (Primal Scream) remixed ‘White Boy, Brown Girl’ on E4 ‘s ‘What Sadie Did Next’. Kill City have been picking up fans such as the Libertines with their latest track ‘Hooligans On E’, a gem of electronic punk written by Pete Doherty. The current Kill City line up includes Nash on bass, the coolest girl bass player since Kim Gordon, and Tom on rhythm guitar.

Hear what all the fuss is about before they move on to bigger things.



Labiur is bold, sassy, crazy, sexy, endearing, touching, or a Little bitch, as she sings
so well on her amazing debut album Niveau 1.
Labiur has talent and personality in abundance. This woman, just 165 cm tall, is
fuelled by pure energy. Halfway between hip-hop and electro, she makes plenty of
noise, like an emancipated «sister» from TTC.
Labiur escaped from a video game and she’s a colourful heroine for the 2010s, funny
and sexy. And it’s not just the sounds themselves, suggesting that she excels at Wii,
but equally behind her desk where she mixes this monstrous, perverted and joyous
noise that turns every concert hall into a giant nightclub.
Labiur captures the zeitgeist of a disenchanted generation who aspire to happiness
in all its forms. She claims an immoderate love of TV and Koh-Lanta with the
autobiographical « syndrome du canapé ». We love it when she treats her « belle
journée » with having spewed at the neighbors, we melt at the acid « Catherine » and
we smile at the offseted " un verre de lait. "
We actually see Labiur in all colours and never know quite what to expect – If her
words are nicely trussed to take the first or the twelfth degree. Sly, Labiur leads us
probably by boat. And we like that. Like the twisted « un rêve funky » where the girl
from Verviers loudly claims that "Labiur est funky", and we stand on the table,
answering this funky, funny girl with an ecstatic "Oh yeah".


Me And My Machines

Alone with his machines, mrpoulpy describes life. His own life. Others life. Things he shares with every human being and things that are peculiar to him.

On one hand, he tries to express in his own way feelings and bits of life of a man amongst the others and on the other hand, he analyses and displays himself in all his difference.

Being different is being a freak. But being different is also being a little bit more one of a kind. mrpoulpy's music, its contrasts, you may even say its contradictions, illustrates his will to defend his personality and to force recognition of his identity without having to sugarcoat it nor to dilute it to make it easier to handle.

There are so many things to say and so many ways to say it. From one song to another you'll think you're wandering in the neighbourhood of Soulwax, Daft Punk, Muse, Arcade Fire, Tim Hutton, Massive Attack or Nine Inch Nails but I think it is fairer to see this as one's global culture blended with his own history and his personal preferences exhaling into what he creates rather than a reflex, being conscious or not, to find the recipes that created the music he respects and envies.

Sometimes the indiscreet mirror of his feelings and relationships deepest intimacy, sometimes the screaming megaphone of provocative topics at a deliberately fuzzy borderline between cynicism, criticism and sarcasms, mrpoulpy's lyrics and music are always impressed with the withhold that is distinctive to his character.

His apparent coolness and stoicism, controlling a huge inner universe in constant excitement, are the Ariadnes thread that allows to the listener who accepts to enter into mrpoulpy's world to be projected into multiple universes while never really feeling lost.


My Little Cheap Dictaphone

My Little Cheap Dictaphone sprung from the minefield of talent that is JauneOrange, a collective of Belgian musicians who work together to self-produce albums, organize music festivals and help promote touring bands.

In 2002, My Little Cheap Dictaphone released their first studio album "Music Drama", produced and recorded by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, The Faint, Cursive, Azure Ray). They were all over magazines, radio and television, with 2 singles garnering frequent radio airplay as well as the appearance on MCM of the popular video "Ukranian girl".

After two years of touring, including shows with Nada Surf, Bonnie Prince Billy, Chokebore and Girls in Hawaii, My Little Cheap Dictaphone's founder Redboy formed Hollywood Porn Stars with Anthony Sinatra (frequent live guest guitarist for MLCD). Hollywood Porn Stars was quickly signed to Naive Records (home of White Stripes, Muse, Carla Bruni) and spent the past year performing nearly one hundred shows all over Europe.

Redboy has spent the last three years writing his new ambitious studio album "Small Town Boy", recorded from January to March 2006 with severals acknowledged producers such as Duke (Venus), Niek Meul (Das Pop), the countryman Phil Corthouts and Anthony Sinatra, and is release mid April 2006 via JauneOrange, Anorak Supersport and Bang! The music of My Little Cheap Dictaphone is a string driven blend of orchestrated pop and yard-sale band instruments, evoking strains of Sparklehorse,The Thrills and Mercury Rev. Frequent comparisons have been made to the likes of PJ Harvey, Bright Eyes and Arcade Fire.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to listen!


My Park

On its own the name sounds like a secret garden.
A garden full of contrasts, dark and shadowy, full of whispered words, sensual and fantastic, a universe which makes us feel heady with its plethora of musical forms.
Like a metaphor of someone’s life, like a creative manifesto, their music tears our most intimate and darkest secrets from us, and leaves us trembling when we hear our innermost dreams played back to us.
The words, like an emotional stream of consciousness, are moulded by a multi-layered music. When we listen, we feel we are witnessing the birth of a new musical style.
We are invited to experience the vertiginous excesses of emotion and passion; we are inspired to discover a new way of listening…

"Seventeen", their first single was the music made famous by the advert for Lancôme’s “Hypnôse�?, it marked the introduction to their musical universe, appearing in several different guises ("seventeen or eighteen", "seventeen", and the more "rock" version of the same song). It opens a new world of sensations to us, sensual and mysterious.



Vincent nietzsche (voice-electronics): unstable and authoritarian, he's the heart and the bad conscience of nietzsche.
Didier nietzsche (guitar-electronics): lunar and
pragmatic at the same time, he's the wisdom of nietzsche.
Bernard nietzsche (bass guitar): epicurean and easy-going, he's the humanity of nietzsche.
Eric nietzsche (voice): uncontrollable and uncontrolled, he's the energy of nietzsche.
Peter nietzsche (éminence grise): stakhanovist and philanthropist, he's the tinker bell of nietzsche.


Pink Satellite


Projet A7

7 wizards
7 cauldrons
14 moons
7 potions
poisons, filters of love, charms, magic spells…
all is allowed…
the sorcerer's apprentice it's that which is represented…
it's important to toss very hard…
it's necessary that that works…


Robots In Disguise

At the height of our disembodied digital era, two robots come disguised as girl-humans to deliver their funk-punk message to the world. Sue Denim and Dee Plume are Robots In Disguise. They're the most exciting songwriting duo of the moment - Dee's aerobic guitar solos and Sue's grooving bass lines dance over poetic lyrics and chunky electronic beats. Dream ESG, Peaches and Gainsbourg in a pop clusterfuck. Live, they ROCK! The stage is their playground - on guitars, singing n shouting, RID entertain their audiences, partying it up (throwing out DIY art and cool moves) n entertaining in a true old-skool stylee. Their debut EP, "Mix Up Words And Sounds" was a limited edition released through Sneaker Pimps' label Splinter and partnered them with producer (and Sneaker Pimps/IAMX frontman) Chris Corner, who has produced all their work. Following the release of MUWAS they were snapped up by French label Recall, and their self-titled debut album was released to a massive buzz throughout Europe in 2002. The same year, their debut single “Boys�? went out on Recall. Remixes from Hidden Agenda, SIN, The Servants and Tommy Hools plus a cheeky cover – Roxy Music’s “Country Life�? subverted with the help of boys Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps/IAMX) and Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) striking the pose – enchanted European music lovers. After extensive European touring of their first album, followed by a US release and Stateside touring, the Euro release of short, sharp, second album, "Get RID" happened in November '04 on Recall in France and Anorak Supersport (RID's latest label, based in Belgium) in Benelux, and is currently ripping up dance and bedroom floors all over the continent. 'Get RID!' is now out on Shock Records in Australia. Their first single "DJ's Got A Gun" is currently on maximum rotation on Triple J radio (Oz's Radio 1), coinciding with the girls' appearance in BBC2's The Mighty Boosh, now on SBS in Australia! The Robottes have already done a fantastic Belgian mini-tour and a storming French tour this year and are looking forward to returning to Belgium for another mini-tour in May, plus various summer festival dates all over Europe…

The world needs a great girl-band..

Don't miss the flight - get RID!



Showstar started playing together ten years ago in a small garage somewhere in Belgium. They signed to Huy-based label Anorak Supersport and their first album, We Are Ready, was highly acclaimed as regular touring built up a dedicated following in northern Europe. Singles followed - Little Bastard, Out Of My Head, I’m Back, Baby Blue Eyes and Leave Me Alone – as the band honed and hardened up their sound.

Their new album is <.> (pronounced ‘Dot’), released in the UK on Summerhouse Records on 8 June 2007. The music is classic hard-edged pop with bittersweet vocals, scything guitars and glorious melodies. It is guitar-based music with a wholly fresh sound, moving between the massively joyous noise of songs like Mad On Your Sister and Day By Day and intricate, delicate guitar, keyboard and percussion patterns on tracks like Dan and Stereo Songs.

<.> covers a whole soundworld of moods within its ten songs, produced with crystalline precision by in-demand London-based producer Gareth Parton. Gareth has worked with the Rakes, the Futureheads, Placebo, the Beta Band, the Polyphonic Spree, the Go! Team, Death In Vegas and many others. The album was recorded at Polysound Studio (Brussels) and Fortress Studio (London) over 25 days. It was mastered at Optimum Studio, Bristol by Shawn Joseph (Primal Scream, New Order, Ian Brown, Therapy and Aphex Twin).

<.> was released in France on LeGrandBag in March following earlier release in Benelux on Anorak Supersport, and Showstar are touring extensively through the spring and summer to promote it. In August, the album will be launched in Japan too through fabtone records !

Showstar are Christophe Danthinne (vocals), David Diederen (guitar & keyboards), Frederic Migeot (guitar & keyboards), Antoni Severino (bass) and Didier Dauvrin (drums).

Showstar have supported acts such as Stereophonics, The Thrills, Ash and Maxïmo Park, and launch the new album with their first UK gig headlining a special Summerhouse night at the Spitz, Old Spitalfields Market, London, on Saturday 12 May 2007.



SOLDOUT are Charlotte and David. They met in 2003 and recorded a demo mixing each others influences. Definitely electro, but deep and sensitive, they signed their music on the belgian label Anorak Supersport and released their first album STOP TALKING in Benelux in 2004. With the support of all press and radios, they started touring and soon became everybody's favourites.
From the crazy kids to the new wave lovers, the nightclubbers, the mudlovers, the nostalgics of EBM, and the return of the eighties dance kings, they all fell for this fresh and sweaty band.

Their album was then released in several european countries, followed by more touring through France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, UK, and NYC.

They calmed down a little with the release of the acoustic versions of their debut album (exclusively released in belgium) and started writing new songs.

They started looking for a producer, somebody who could understand what they were doing and lift them to another level. They met Jason Boshoff (Basement Jaxx, Shy Child) who loved the demos and was ready to mix the whole album.

Mix-Master-Jason did an incredible job working at strongroom studios (london) and alamo sound (vilvorde) and saved them from the flames of second-album-doubts-and-mistakes.

The album is called CUTS and is calm,agressive, beautiful and dark.



Twentyninepearls is one of the projects of Yves Brunson.
As a first single, he proposes an acoustic cover of “I Can't Wait�?, the electro classic of Soldout.
The influences of Yves are, obviously, Tom Mc
Rae or Damien Rice. You could think also in Jose Gonzales and his version of “Heartbeat�? of The Knife.
By word of mouth, this cover ended up arriving on a desk of the advertising agency Duval Guillaume.
Among bands like The Arcade Fire or The Foo
Fighters, this demanding agency decided to select
Twenty9pearls to illustrate the Pure Fm campaign.
So “I can't Wait�? is now the music of the promotional film diffused in cinemas and television.
This spot and its music are nominated to the CCB Awards 2007 of the Creative Club of Belgium which rewards the best advertising films produced in Belgium.


Un homme et une femme

Under that name is hiding a very special band. Franck, Steve and Kevin reveal a surprising universe. Written in the language of Gainsbourg, the very first record of Un homme et une femme stands close to Interpol or Blonde Redhead and should find well listeners beyond their own country.
In France, Alamera is received by the independant and national press as a true revival of rock (Dominique A, Diabologum, Experience...)
The maturity of Un homme et une femme music flourishes on stage, between tension and warmness, alluring the French public more and more.



The Willowz were conceived in Anaheim, CA in Summer 2002 by Richie James Follin, singer/guitarist, and bassist/singer Jessica Reynoza.

The Willowz released a single on Posh Boy that year, and continued releasing on Dionysus (2004, The Willowz EP), XL Recordings (2004, single), and Sympathy for the Record Industry (2004's LP Are Coming, 2005's LP Talk In Circles , and the 2006 DVD See In Squares).

With every Willowz release the band has increased its status as the critics' darlings: the OC Weekly named the Willowz EP as one of the top 10 records of 2003; the LA Weekly nominated the Willowz as the top rock band of 2005; and Rolling Stone ranked the band's Talk In Circles in their cover story "Top 50 Albums of 2005."

Legendary film and video auteur Michel Gondry featured Willowz tracks on both the Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and used two Willowz tracks as the only rock music in his current film release The Science of Sleep . Gondry also directed the video for I Wonder, included on the Willowz 27-video 2006 DVD release Talk in Circles, Seein Squares . TICSS has won innumerable awards, including one for the The Willowz Cons and Tricks video, directed by Toben Seymour and awarded a place in the Top Ten Videos of the Year on MTV2's Subterranean.

The Willowz have toured extensively throughout Europe and North America, sharing bills with such artists as the New York Dolls, the Greenhornes, Wolfmother, the Ponys, Be Your Own Pet, Tom Vek, Ted Leo, OK GO, the Gossip, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Mutes, John Cale, and endless others.

The Willowz forthcoming CD Chautauqua will be released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records with a revamped, tighter lineup that includes guitarist Aric Bohn and drummer Loren "Ted" Shane Humphrey.

Chautauqua provides the energy and rawness of the first two albums infused with a thicker rock sound, and is more focused on songwriting. Old boundaries no longer apply as this set of songs is expressed with true storyteller fervor.

Richie James Follin - Vocals & Guitar
Aric Chirstopher Bohn - Guitar & Vocals
Jessica Anne Reynoza - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Loren Shane Humphrey - Drums



We first came across them when one was playing in Tahiti 80, and the other experimenting with sounds for the contemporary dance company "Etant Donné", and then later as curators of "Les Années Pop” at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

They caused a sensation in Japan and the USA with their single "Eurostar" charting with the vivacious Shivika, singer with the American "Papa's Fritas", and appearing on chic compilations around the world and in surprise gigs.

And then nothing. David Leloup and Fabrice Hubert remained closeted in their studio playing with their new toys, tweaking sounds and experimenting. To realise their new songs the duo invited Sice (ex-Boo Radleys), Jon Auer (The Posies), Mark Gardener (ex-Ride) and Helena Noguerra to join them. Fuelled by French wine and English beer, they conceived an album where 90s indiepop met the disco of Giorgio Moroder and electro sounds so popular in France.

"My Trap" is released in April 2010 – a sophisticated album where pop melodies can be enjoyed equally on the dance floor and at the bottom of the bed with a befuddled brain. "My Trap" is the title track and opener, setting the tone for the album before the nouveau-baggy "Slim Day" and “Pope of the Pop”, a charming duet performed by Sice and Helena Noguerra with extremely danceable results. "Supa Vixen", chosen by Philippe Starck to enhance his new hotels’ ambience, shows Ye-Ye putting songwriting to the fore, while the wonderful "Comin' At Night" has Jon Auer turning us all into 60s romantics. "Heroine", "My Friend" and "My Story” take us back to the halcyon days of Britpop with a specifically French angle – heads in London and feet in Paris. The elegant "Understand" and "My Friend" share an airy and futuristic pop. "Oxford 3am", the only instrumental on the album, sees the duo alone in their studio, thinking of their English friends and playing with the sounds of airy synthesizers and noisy guitars.

On stage Yéyé will be joined by Bastien Cantillon and David Feron, showing another dimension of Yeye and demonstrating the group’s uniqueness.

On their first album, they sang "Eurostar". With this new opus they dig a new channel tunnel to lead them to the stars.

(photo : David Morganti)