Pop indeed


We first came across them when one was playing in Tahiti 80, and the other experimenting with sounds for the contemporary dance company "Etant Donné", and then later as curators of "Les Années Pop” at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

They caused a sensation in Japan and the USA with their single "Eurostar" charting with the vivacious Shivika, singer with the American "Papa's Fritas", and appearing on chic compilations around the world and in surprise gigs.

And then nothing. David Leloup and Fabrice Hubert remained closeted in their studio playing with their new toys, tweaking sounds and experimenting. To realise their new songs the duo invited Sice (ex-Boo Radleys), Jon Auer (The Posies), Mark Gardener (ex-Ride) and Helena Noguerra to join them. Fuelled by French wine and English beer, they conceived an album where 90s indiepop met the disco of Giorgio Moroder and electro sounds so popular in France.

"My Trap" is released in April 2010 – a sophisticated album where pop melodies can be enjoyed equally on the dance floor and at the bottom of the bed with a befuddled brain. "My Trap" is the title track and opener, setting the tone for the album before the nouveau-baggy "Slim Day" and “Pope of the Pop”, a charming duet performed by Sice and Helena Noguerra with extremely danceable results. "Supa Vixen", chosen by Philippe Starck to enhance his new hotels’ ambience, shows Ye-Ye putting songwriting to the fore, while the wonderful "Comin' At Night" has Jon Auer turning us all into 60s romantics. "Heroine", "My Friend" and "My Story” take us back to the halcyon days of Britpop with a specifically French angle – heads in London and feet in Paris. The elegant "Understand" and "My Friend" share an airy and futuristic pop. "Oxford 3am", the only instrumental on the album, sees the duo alone in their studio, thinking of their English friends and playing with the sounds of airy synthesizers and noisy guitars.

On stage Yéyé will be joined by Bastien Cantillon and David Feron, showing another dimension of Yeye and demonstrating the group’s uniqueness.

On their first album, they sang "Eurostar". With this new opus they dig a new channel tunnel to lead them to the stars.

(photo : David Morganti)